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Rules of the Competition

I. Competition Rules

  A. Preliminaries
    1.   The competition organizers are not responsible for any loss of materials due to postal and/or electronic errors.
    2.   Submitted materials will not be returned to applicants.

All materials submitted for the competition must be in Korean or English.


Main Stage (Semifinals and Finals)


All semi-finalists in the junior division must arrive and register no later than 17:00 KST on May 8, and all semi-finalists in the senior division no later than 17:00 KST on May 10, 2018.

    2.   All works must be played from memory.
    3.   All internationally available editions of Chopin's works are admissible.

Competitors must specify in their applications the editions of Chopin's works they will be using and the exact timing of each work. A competitor may only alter his/her program for semifinals and/or finals by informing the competition organizers of the change by April 13, 2018.


All competitors must be present at the draw.


A competitor may request changes in the playing order for medical reasons by making a formal written request to the competition organizers, accompanied by the relevant doctor's report(s).


The competition will provide practice facilities for competitors according to the competition schedule.


Each finalist will have one rehearsal with the orchestra.




The jury may stop the performance if necessary.


The jury's decisions are final and not subject to appeal.


II. General Rules

    1.   All prize winners must perform, without remuneration, in a gala concert following the competition. The program and performing order of the concert will be decided by the competition organizers in consultation with the jury.
    2.   The winner of the Senior Division must perform, without remuneration, in a winner's recital in Poland following the competition. The program of the recital will be decided by the competition organizers in consultation with the performer. The cost of travel and seven (7) days of accommodations for the performer and his one (1) travel companion, as well as the venue rental fee and other on-site expenses, will be paid for in full by the Fryderyk Chopin Society.
    3.   All phases of the main stage (semifinals and finals) will be open to the public.

For the semifinal round, foreign competitors will be refunded 50% of round trip airfare, up to €500, on production of relevant receipts.

    5.   Accommodations for all semifinalists and finalists will be provided by the competition organizers except for those who currently reside in the Daegu metropolitan area.

    6.   Every foreign semifinalist must obtain the appropriate Korean visa prior to the semifinals, if necessary. All expenses related to this must be paid by the competitor. The competitor may request a letter of invitation and/or other supporting documents from the competition organizers, if necessary.
    7.   Every semifinalist must obtain suitable accident and health insurance for the duration of the entire competition. All expenses related to this must be paid by the competitor. The competition organizers cannot be held liable for any issues arising from these arrangements.

III. Other Rules

    1.   All issues arising during the competition will be decided by the competition organizers. The decision of the organizers is final and irreversible, and not subject to appeal.
    2.   The competition organizers may expel a competitor from the competition upon discovering he/she has violated one or more of the rules of the competition.
    3.   All matters not covered by the rules of the competition will be subject to the relevant Korean law in effect.
    4.   All issues not resolved as provided for in the rule III-1 will be decided by the courts of Korea.

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